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10" Smart Touch Flat Screen
Large cooking process icons with clear, colorful, and vibrant graphics


ATOSA Combi Smart Cooking 
Automated cabinet monitoring to maintain cooking temperature, humidity and load size


Combi Smart Touch Processes 
User friendly / easy access to programmable multi-stage cooking, manual cooking core probe cooking, and menu options


8 Fan Speed with Balance Reverse


Perfect Humidity Control 
An automatic system designed for maximizing steam saturation and humidity control


Sub-divided Heating System

For maximum recovery


Smart Touch Rack Timing 
For mixed load batch cooking, banquets, buffet and a la carte restaurant service


USB Storage 
Share Combi recipes, programs, and HACCP data with multiple operation units and locations


Wi-Fi Connection 
Remotely monitor Combi operating status in real time with fault alarm via tablet or smart phone *


Wi-Fi Self Diagnostics Protection 
Safety protections to protect and ensure oven remains in safe working order 


Wi-Fi Service Diagnostics 
Remote service tech diagnostics and component trouble shooting 


6 Mode Automated Combi Wash 
Cleaning based on soil and usage to include automatic shut down and un-lock when finished


Proprietary ATOSA Chemicals 
Combi wash is approved for use with ATOSA professional liquid Combi cleaners and rinse agents that comply with local laws and regulations


Twin Chemical Fill Tanks 
Combi automatically reminds user to add cleaner / rinse to tanks when low without the need to check at time of cleaning


Sleek Design 
Triple-pane tempered glass, condensed footprint, convenient for cleaning and maintenance


Footless Combi Design 
Ergonomic footing for stability, and placement


High-Pressure Coil Wash Hose 
Ideal for manual quick flush, quench, rinsing and cabinet quick cleaning



- Phase: 3
- Breaker: 30A
- Rack slots: 5
- KW: 7.5 – 9.9
- Volts: 208/240
- Weight: 209 lbs.
- Amp Draw (Min/Max): 21/28
- Water Line Size: 5/16" OD 1" ID
- Dimensions: 31"W x 34.5"D x 28"D

- Connection/AWG: L1, L2, L3, G/6-4
- Weight Capacity: 198 lbs., 39 lbs. per shelf
- Capacity: 5 x (18" x 13") Pan or 5 x (20.75" x 12.75") Pan

Atosa Smart Touch Combi Oven with Tempered Glass

SKU: AEC-0511E
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