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- 71" (1800 mm) cord with plug


- Includes remote control panel and cord


- Easy to use, color-coded selectable functions


- Black glass-ceramic top is both durable and easy to clean


- USB port below the control panel for downloading update


- Pan Sense Technology (PST) activates the unit only when a suitable pan is placed on top


- Safety features and convenience features such as automatic shut-off to prevent overheating


- Fully-sealed top with conformal coated boards adds extra protection against grease or moisture


- Programmable mode where the operator can create preset programs for consistent cooking cycles and quality product


- Adaptive control knob adjusts to user input. From precise, fine control (slow turns) to spanning the full range in a single twist (fast turns)


- High resolution TFT (thin film transistor) display instantly advises the operator of precise power (1 to 100), temperature (F˚ or C˚ in one degree increments) and time control (30 seconds to 10 hours)


Hatco Rapid Cuisine Drop-In Induction Range

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