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Sturdiness: Metal motor unit for durability.
- No brushes
- Powerful motor
- Industrial induction motor for heavy duty use guarantees durability and reliability.
- Motor built on ball bearings for silent running without vibration
-  Stainless steel motor shaft

Flawless glazed cut: Complete range of 28 stainless steel discs  with high-precision sharpening for the highest quality cuts.

Ease of use
- Lateral ejection: Space saving.
- Machine restart by the pusher to save time and for greater comfort.
- A compact countertop model with a small footprint that allows for a broad variety of cuts. 

Cylindrical hopper: The cylindrical hopper (Ø 2 1/4") is intended for long and delicate vegetables and guarantees a precise cut.


Large hopper: (surface area 16 in²) designed for cutting bulky vegetables such as cabbage, onion, lettuce and tomatoes.

- Power: 1 HP    
- Speeds: 600 rpm    
- Motor unit: Metal    
- Induction motor: Yes
- Voltage: Single Phase 120 V    
- Food chopper output (Lbs/h): 110    
- Lid and bowl: Composite lid and stainless steel bowl    
- Discs: Included- Slicing disc 4 mm (5/32"), Grating disc 2 mm (5/64") Or No Disc 


- Length: 15"
- Width: 15.5"
- Height: 23.7"

Robot Coupe Single Phase Vegetable Preparation Machine

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